Work from Home

Work from Home Dell solution (MD11 Authorized Partner)

Institut za standarde i tehnologije doo Beograd in Consortium with MD11 (Slovenia-EU)

In the new situation when most managers face the problem of how to provide technology to employees to work from home, we use the opportunity to introduce you to some of the solutions that can help overcome this problem.

We have divided the technological solutions we propose into two main groups:

  • standard computers (desktop or laptop) and
  • virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Both solutions, depending on the built-in components, can be intended for all employees and based on the work they perform (C-level, managers, developers, operators).

In order to speed up the start-up process, facilitate the monitoring and maintenance of equipment and applications installed on them, user can request delivery of already reconfigured equipment to the employee’s home address with the possibility of support from the equipment and software manufacturer.

In order to ensure security of access to company data from remote locations and their retrieval, as well as records in data centers, applications are provided that guarantee secure data transfer that is encrypted before transfer, as well as solutions that preventively reduce the possibility of bottlenecks in network infrastructure to access the resources of an increased number of employees.

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